€ 30

*€ 25 outside the EU


Ellis, along with Billy, is the smallest pair of earrings from our collection. Yet, this subtle pair of earrings won't get unnoticed, as it has a hidden function. Indeed, the grey coloured dot is made of retro reflective material and will shine in the dark when it encounters a beam of light! Cherry on the pie: the earrings are super light, making them very comfortable to wear all day and all night.

+ detailed description

The earring pair is made of leather and retro reflective material. The hook of the earring is made of gold plated silver.

Colors of the leather: gold and nude (black on the back side).

Size of the earring excluding the hook: 1cm width x 3cm height

Size of the earring including the hook: 1cm width x 4cm height x 1,2cm depth

Weight of each individual earring: less than 2 grams

The earring pair is made by hand.

For all the earrings in our collection, we use leather pieces that were left over from the production of our bag collections and which are too small to use for the production of other items. In this way we aim to reduce our waste and use the leather hides as efficiently as possible.