€ 250


Jude is made of 100% high-quality wool and will keep you warm and stylish all year round. But not only that: thanks to the retro-reflective pattern applied on top of the fabric, this scarf will also make you more visible for surrounding traffic, just like the bags from The Cyclist do.

Jude has a double layer of fabric with a pattern on one side and a single color on the other side. Not only does this make the scarf very warm and pleasing to wear, it also enables you to wear the scarf in various ways. Show off the beautiful retroreflective pattern on the front side or keep your outfit more sober by showing more of the backside of the scarf.


Please note that The Cyclist is a small brand and we do not mass produce the items of our collection. Therefore, our stock is small and the scarves are sometimes temporarily out of stock. Should this be the case, we will notify you by e-mail as it will take more time before we can deliver your order. You may always contact us by e-mail beforehand if you wish to know more about delivery times of any of our items.


Materials: double layer of 100% wool textile (digitally printed), retroreflective pattern

Dimensions: 60 x 180 cm

Each scarf is packaged in a beautiful box