€ 330

*€ 272 outside the EU


Maxime is a unisex backpack made of a combination of leather and super strong textile. It is designed to fit all the items of a busy daily life: it is the perfect companion to go to work, for leisure activities or even for a weekend trip.

+ detailed description

The top and sides of the bag are made of strong, waterproof textile, making the bag enduring and adapted for rainy weather. The front panel and all the details such as handles and straps are made of leather. The bottom is made of resistant, waterproof and easy to clean tarpaulin. With this material, there are no worries about staining the bag when placing it on the floor. Finally, the main compartment is lined with thin but strong and waterproof textile: should the leather fail to resist to a heavy rain shower, the items inside the bag remain safe.

Maxime opens on the top by pulling open the top leather/velcro strap and unrolling the textile top part. This velcro closing system makes it quick and easily to open and close Maxime’s main compartment.

The main compartment includes a padded laptop section, a small leather pocket closed with a button and a strap with a snap hook at its end. This can be used to attach keys and to always keep them within reach. The snap hook can also attach to the small bag Bobby, transforming it into an extra zipped pocket which is always within reach inside the bag.

The outside of the bag features one zipped and lined pocket, placed on the back of the bag. This is the perfect spot for keeping bike keys or other items which need to be reached quickly. On the other back side, a long zipper gives direct access to the main compartment. This has proven to be very practical to quickly reach items inside the main compartment – especially the ones which have ended up somewhere on the bottom of bag.

Hidden underneath the rolled up textile top part, you will find a cotton strap which is stitched safely to the leather front panel. This strap has exactly the right dimensions to hold a bike U-lock, making it easy to carry one’s lock without having to tuck it inside the bag (which would stain it) or having to leave it on the bike’s frame (which damages the bike).

A zipper is hidden on each side of the leather front panel. When unzipped, two additional textile panels fold open and increase the volume of the bag. This gives just that extra space for all the additional items on busy days. Additionally, two simple pockets are placed on the left and right of the front panel.

Last but certainly not least, the front and bottom part of Maxime feature a pattern made of leather and retro-reflective pieces, increasing the visibility of the bag and its wearer at night.

+ Materials, dimensions and color

Materials: leather, strong waterproof textile, tarpaulin, retro-reflective ribbon, textile lining, metal zippers and details

Color: Navy blue with a black bottom

On the outside of the bag: retro-reflective details, top closing with velcro, backpack straps adjustable in length, 2 side pockets, 1 small back pocket with zipper, zipper on back side to access the main compartment, 2 hidden zippers on front to enlarge the main compartment, 1 hidden bike chain lock or U-lock holder

Inside the bag: main compartment lined with textile, 1 small pocket with magnet, 1 laptop compartment, 1 strap with snap hook for attaching keys

Weight: 1050 grams

Size (height/length/width) excluding top handle: 50 / 34 / 14 cm

Maxime is made by hand

Height of model: 1.98m