€ 265

*€ 219 outside the EU


Noelle is a medium size bag with a playful embellishment. It is practical to use for many different occasions thanks to its compact size, but you will be surprised by how many items actually fit inside the bag. More than it might seem at first glance!

+ detailed description

The front panel and bottom part of the bag are made of leather. The body and lining are made of strong waterproof textile.

The front panel hinges from the top and is held in place with two invisible magnets, making it effortless to open and close the bag. When opening it, you will find a zipped and lined pocket on the inner side of this front panel. This is the perfect place for keeping small items such as cards and tickets. Inside Noelle’s main compartment, there is enough room for items such as a bottle of water, a book or a scarf. This compartment also features one additional smaller leather pocket. One more zipped and lined pocket is to be found on the back of the bag: perfect for keys or other items which need to be reached quickly.

Noelle’s leather handle is lined with a leather cord, making it strong yet thin and elegant. Two eyelets are placed on the top back of the bag: the handle runs from the outside through these eyelets to the inside of the bag and is held in place inside with two knots. Two more eyelets are placed on the lining inside the bag and enable the endings of the handles to be neatly tucked away. The handle can be adjusted in length easily: simply loosen the knot, shift its position and pull it closed again. The surplus of the handle stays hidden between the lining and the bag’s outer layer.

Last but certainly not least, Noelle’s front panel features a pattern made of leather rectangles and retro reflective lines. The retro reflective lines increase the visibility of the bag and its wearer at night.

+ Materials, dimensions and color

Materials: leather, strong waterproof textile, retro-reflective ribbon, textile lining, metal zippers and details

Color: Navy blue with blue details

On the outside of the bag: retro-reflective details, adjustable length of handle (max 115 cm), small back pocket with zipper

Inside the bag: main compartment lined with textile, 1 small pocket with zipper inside front flap, 1 small pocket inside main compartment

Weight: 450 grams

Size (height/length/width) excluding top handle: 20 / 30 / 6 cm

Length of handle can be adjusted and has a maximum of 115 cm

Noelle is made by hand